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Mrs. Lucci’s Resource Centre

Work 76 Third Street P.O. Box 809 NORTH EASTMAN Lac du Bonnet MB R0E1A0 Canada Work Phone: (204) 345-9901 Work Fax: (204) 345-0037 Website: https://mrsluccis.com


From the Mrs. Lucci’s Resource Centre Inc. Website:

Mrs. Lucci’s has been a part of the community of Lac du Bonnet since August 1998 providing residents in the community and surrounding area with a variety of programs and services. Mrs. Lucci’s Resource Center was developed through the identification of various unmet needs within the region. The Centre is home to the second hand Store, a teaching kitchen and cafe space, and a large multipurpose room.

Mrs. Lucci’s strives to be a learning organization. The programs, opportunities and services offered through Mrs. Lucci’s will be client focused, flexible and will work in partnership to:

create greater social support networks among community members
improve the social status of community members
maximize the early childhood development of all children within the community
ensure children and youth have the best possible resources, supports and skills needed to succeed throughout life
improve personal health practices and coping skills among community members
provide early intervention for families and individuals in need
provide advocacy, make referrals and access resources for clients in need of support
enhance communication among service providers.
Programming targets the entire community with a focus on populations in need. All programs and supports are individually focused, holistic in nature and will look to the Determinants of Health to ensure all aspects of health are addressed.