Our Team


(6 of us equal approximately 2.5 full time positions)

Bev Friesen – Family Recreation Practitioner

Bev has lived in the Eastman region her entire life. She has 20+ years of experience working with children, youth and their families in various capacities and also works as a part-time Health Care Aide. She balances her passion for working with others by being active with her husband and 3 (+1) children.  She enjoys taking trips to Riding Mountain National Park to “rough it” in a cabin at Clear Lake, going for walks, reading, and watching sports.

Angeline Martin – Family Recreation Practitioner

After graduating with a diploma in Massage Therapy, Angeline moved to the Eastman region and managed her own Massage Therapy practice for 15 years.  This experience, in addition to many years of volunteering with various organizations, has emphasized the importance of supporting and caring for those around her.  Angeline has seen the benefit of recreation in her own life and the lives of her loved ones.  She is excited to help children find new recreation opportunities and experiences.  Angeline enjoys many different forms of recreation, her favourites being swimming, Pilates, helping her husband on his race car team, and cheering him on from the pits.  She also loves to relax with a good book with her dog and cats curled up beside her.

Courtney Bangert-Murray – Family Recreation Practitioner 

Courtney has lived in the Eastman region her whole life. She has worked with children for many years in various capacities including working with children through respite, teaching swimming lessons, coaching many sports, volunteering in her community, and as a recreation director.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Kinesiology, Courtney realized the need to enhance and support recreation in the lives of individuals to help live a fulfilling, purposeful and healthy life. Courtney enjoys many different types of recreation including swimming, listening to music, dancing, cheerleading, camping, cycling and traveling!

Madi Senkiw – Family Recreation Practitioner 

Madi was born and raised in the Eastman region. Her zest for life does not go unnoticed and her love for children makes her a natural fit for the ROC team. Madi is also a small business owner and a part-time Health Care Aide [she loves her people!] and has a passion for helping others and seeing them succeed. She has seen the positive impact that recreation has had on kids and families through her volunteer experience in different organizations, such as Girl Guides of Canada and ROC Eastman! Continuing to be a part of that energy in our region through connecting with families is something she really looks forward to. Spending lots of time on the family farm growing up ignited her love for animals and nature. Fishing, live music, and exploring new places with her fiance are a few of the ways she enjoys recreation in her own life. Oh, and getting out with her pup, Banks!

Steph McLean – Development Coordinator

No stranger to the recreation community in the Eastman Region, Steph joined the ROC Eastman team with 15 years of experience as a Certified Dance and Musical Theatre educator. This is a passion that she still enthusiastically pursues part-time. Steph always strives to be an advocate for children’s recreation, which falls hand in hand with ROC Eastman’s daily mission. This led her to the ROC team in the role of Development Coordinator. When she has some spare time, Steph loves game nights at home with her family, watching her son play hockey, taking in a musical production, and travelling!

Moni Loewen – Executive Director

A life-long resident of the Eastman region, Moni holds a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Studies from the University of Manitoba.  She has extensive knowledge and experience in both the private and public sectors and enjoys developing partnerships between the two.  Moni is a member of the Chrysalis Fund, a philanthropic women’s giving circle that promotes growth and positive change in children and youth. While dedicated to serving the needs of people in the community, Moni’s heart belongs to her family – her husband, two children, two dogs, two cats and a horse. Leisure time is a wee bit sparse sometimes but highly valued as time at the lake, reading, animal playtime and contemplating the vast universe we are part of.

Board of Directors:

Shauna Doerksen – Chair 

(Chair of Administration, Research & Operations Committee)

Shauna has been involved with ROC since 2009.  It is an organization that she firmly believes in and supports. Having a Social Work degree and having worked within Social Services for over 16 years, she has first hand knowledge of the impact that community-based programs and organizations can have on the lives of families and children.  Her experience has included working in justice, child and family services, crisis services, income assistance and school based counselling.  She believes in the importance of connection and attachment to positive supports and also to meaningful opportunities to be engaged and feel valued. ROC gives children and families a chance to thrive, grow and learn about themselves, their communities and their capacity for change.  She loves being active with her family including camping, hiking, and swimming and practices her own personal leisure through running and getting to the gym as regularly as possible.

Barb Isaak – Vice Chair

Barb Isaak is the Executive Director of Manitoba Association of School Superintendents (MASS) of Sunrise School Division.  She came to MASS after spending the last few years as Superintendent of the Sunrise School Division.  Barb grew up in southeast Manitoba, and appreciated the recreational opportunities that were available to her while growing up.  She enjoys being active and understands the importance of children having the opportunity to participate in activities that they enjoy and learn from.

Devyn Bartel – Treasurer

(Co-Chair of Finance, Nominating & Governance Committee)

Devyn is a Member Financial Relationship Advisor at SCU in Steinbach.  Devyn has volunteered with ROC over the years through his family business at MJ’s Kafe and believes in the power of helping kids find their passion. Devyn is a drummer, teaches drum lessons, runs (for a really long time), loves the lake, and is passionate about the people of Haiti. Devyn is a devoted husband and loves their 2 beautiful dogs.

Rachel Froese – Secretary 

(Chair of Promotion, Marketing & Fundraising Committee)

Rachel is a Registered Dental Assistant and is currently working at Steinbach Dental. She moved to Steinbach in 2010 after graduating from Red River College and has volunteered in several areas of the community over the years, including volunteering with ROC Eastman. Her passion to volunteer and help people, including the children of ROC, comes from a heart of service as well as finding joy in seeing others succeed, grow, and gain new and exciting life experiences. She enjoys the outdoors and stays active through cross country skiing, hiking, and exercising. Her greatest hobby is photography, where she is able to challenge herself to grow in creativity and in the art of capturing a moment in time. She also enjoys traveling and has been as far as Africa while on a missions trip in Liberia.

Ellen Kelley – Immediate Past Chair

Ellen was introduced to the Eastman Region, as a Recreation Consultant in Beausejour with the Department of Fitness, Recreation and Sport.  Working in Eastman communities and making good friends there were some of the best years of her career.  Connections in Eastman continued with a new position and eventually led to her role in the startup of ROC Eastman and her ongoing presence as a Board volunteer.  Travelling extensively began at 20, including two trips to Africa, trips with teens as a Junior High Teacher, adventures to the Grand Canyon, across Canada and for music festivals.  Ellen has been singing since she was 12, enjoyed years of downhill skiing, yoga , CBC, reading, walking and talking with friends, and cottage life.  Ellen believes positive recreation experiences are essential for healthy development. Watching 5 grandchildren reap the benefits in their lives just strengthens that belief.

Lorne Hagel – Board Member

(Co-Chair of Finance, Nominating & Governance Committee)

Lorne is a retired Manitoba Government employee. His career spanned thirty-seven years, most of which was spent working in different capacities in Child and Family Services in Eastman. He is married, has two adult daughters, and has lived near Beausejour for over forty years. Lorne has been involved with ROC Eastman since its inception in 2009. He continues to volunteer his time with ROC because he believes it provides children and their families with skills and opportunities that can positively change their lives in very concrete and meaningful ways.

Nathan Mehling – Board Member

Nathan was born and raised in Steinbach and enjoys everything the Southeast has to offer. He is married to his high school sweetheart Janet and has 2 kids. He enjoys camping, fishing and experiencing new places with family and friends. His favorite past time is golf as it can be played at all ages no matter how well you play, “it can take a lifetime to truly understand your self and your golf swing is no different.” He is passionate about all sports and recreation and has seen first hand the multiple benefits we all get when participating, coaching or even cheering on a loved one. Nathan brings his board and volunteer experiences to the ROC Eastman family.

Megan Baker – Board Member

Megan has been involved in the recreation field for over 15 years, starting off as a Summer Camp Leader with the Brokenhead River Recreation Commission (BRRC).  Through her work with the BRRC, Megan decided to pursue a career in recreation and attended the University of Manitoba to receive a degree in Recreation Management and Community Development.  After graduating from University, she continued to work in the small town recreation field.  Megan has now returned to her home community of Beausejour and is working as the Program Director for the Brokenhead River Recreation Commission.  Megan has seen first hand the benefits of ROC and the positive impact it has on families.  In her spare time Megan enjoys travelling, camping and spending time with friends and family.

Jonathon Fehr – Board Member

Jonathon was born and raised in Mitchell but spent 5 years living in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Through life experiences with living in a home with foster children as a boy, to seeing struggling families in three provinces, to having 2 children of his own, he understands and has empathy towards children from all walks of life. He currently works for Hanover School Division as an Assistant Head Custodian at Green Valley School.  He and his daughters currently reside in Grunthal, Manitoba.

Through a marriage that ended, he saw and lived through a huge negative impact that hit very close to home. In 2016, he and his daughters were introduced to ROC Eastman and ROC became a pillar for his daughters and for himself.

Jonathon’s one desire, after witnessing the amazingly positive impact ROC Eastman can provide to a family, has been to give back to the organization with everything and in any way he can!

Jaymi Derrett & Alix Richards – Ex-officio members from the Prov

Jaymi Derrett & Alix Richards – Ex-officio members from the Province of Manitoba, Recreation Services Branch