What is ROC Eastman?

Our Beginning

Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC) Eastman, was started in 2009 as a pilot program through the Government of Manitoba. In the beginning, our goal was to support families so they no longer needed government-assisted income. We had no idea that one day we would grow to serve countless families by equipping their children to participate in recreation activities!



Becoming A Charity

By 2013, we had transitioned into a registered Canadian charity. This gave us the ability to expand our reach, and serve any low-income family living in the Eastman region.

Our charity registration number is # 821026309RR0001


Our Next Steps

In 2014, we partnered with the University of Manitoba (then Vancouver Island University and University of New Brunswick) to develop an incredibly exciting program: a leisure education program that teaches families the importance of personal leisure choices and how to incorporate those choices into daily life. Recreation is more than just playing a sport or learning an instrument. It teaches children the skills they need to succeed in life, it equips them to live in the real world, and gives them the creative outlets they require to develop into happy and healthy adults.

Who We Are Today

Today, ROC is a recreation-focused children’s charity that assists with the challenges of activity registration, transportation, equipment and supplies, as well as providing a unique and personal learning program to each and every family. Activities can be almost anything – cooking, dance, photography, piano, guitar, drums, sport, scrapbooking, volunteering, animal care, gardening…the list goes on!

With the help of caring referral sources, we connect with each family, usually in their homes, to discover each child’s values and passions. Together, we work through the many challenges that families face to ensure their children are able to engage in deeply meaningful, sometimes life altering pursuits.

Our in-home (game based) leisure education topics include:

– What activities are fun for me now and why are they good for me?
– What do I need and value in an activity?
– What am I interested in trying?
– What do I hope to get out of an activity?
– What skills do I have or will I need?
– What stops me from doing activities that I’d like to do? How can I get past these barriers?
– What recreation activities are available in my community? What can I do at home for fun?
– What can I do in my free time outside of screen time?
– Who can I ask for help or information?
– What will help me plan for fun in my life?
– As a parent, how can I support my child’s passions?
– Let’s set some goals for more fun activities in our lives!

When we bring a family into the ROC organization, we don’t just improve the lives of their children. We transform the entire family and create a better future.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we are creating better futures for children here at ROC, get in contact with us! Just follow the link at the top of the page. If you’d like to support us in our mission, why not donate? Each and every dollar helps us reach more children in the community.