Covid Updates

While many of our fundraising events have been canceled or postponed due to physical distancing requirements (Book Fair, ROC The Rink hockey tournament, Quinton Blair charity concert, and the Clearspring Centre’s 40th Anniversary charity BBQ), we are working hard to reimagine opportunities to engage with our supporters during these unique times.

Our amazing, resilient ROC families are connecting more than ever with our staff, who are providing at-home recreation equipment, ideas and support – puzzles, board games, baking & gardening supplies, outdoor fun, a safe person to vent with…we are here.

Thank you for keeping us in your hearts and thoughts. As always, feel free to reach out to us! / 204-371-2887

What is ROC Eastman?

Recreation Opportunities for Children (ROC) Eastman is a registered charity that is creating brighter futures for children in need and their families by giving them access to the recreation activities that drive their passions.

To provide services that reduce barriers to recreation opportunities for children in the Eastman area.
We do this with children and their parents through outreach, relationship building, a unique learning experience and ongoing support.

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Become a ROC Volunteer!

Whether you click with computers, are fabulous at fundraising or have a compassion heart to connect with a child, there’s a spot for you on our volunteer crew!

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Get Involved!

Interested in getting involved in ROC’s mission to improve the futures of children in the community? Make a secure donation today – every dollar helps ROC reach out to more children who deserve a chance to find their passion.

Thank you for helping us help children and families in Eastman. This fundraising goal begins in April 2020 and we hope to reach it by March 31, 2021.

We are grateful for ALL contributions!

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